Rex Photography – Free Jeans Contest ~ WINNER #3

Today, we are announcing the 3rd WINNER from the contest.


“Here at the Indeever FREE Jeans contest, we are selecting RANDOM WINNERS with the help of RANDOM PEOPLE!”


This time they are not so Random! But a selected class of people who we respect. 
Thanking you all for your feedback on the 2 videos that we shared for the Indeever FREE Jeans contest.
I appreciate all the feedback and will make sure that we improve on the upcoming videos.
Hope you enjoy.
Cheers! 🙂


PS: The video is entirely shot on phone camera. There could be a bit of background noise and color contrast variations. Kindly excuse. 🙂


Announcing the 3rd and Final WINNER of the FREE Jeans through this video


Please do let us know your thoughts on the video. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
It will help us make better content for you in the future. 🙂


Watch the 1st Winner video post here!
Watch the 2nd Winner video post here!

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